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Michael c. bryan

I'm an artist.
I create TV shows.
I write movies, novels.
I act. I produce.
I Awaken people.

Not necessarily in that order.
I created a limited 8-part dramatic TV series called Mother's Day. It's based on my life growing up with an abusive, mentally ill mother and being kicked out of the house at 14 for being gay.
For a while, I was homeless. I lived on the streets and, in order to make ends meet, turned to prostitution to survive.
During all of it, I always knew I was going to be all right. While my circumstances were dark, my inner light raged on.

It’s an inspiring and hopeful show. Really.
I wrote a film noir called
Black Angel.

Film noir, as in suffering in
high cinematic style.

The movie is inspired by the life of writer Cornell Woolrich who wrote the story that became Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window.

In the movie, suspense writer Cornell battles his relationship with his baroque, intoxicating, and terrifying mother and a handsome stranger that enters their lives.

It's a love story triangle unlike anything you've ever seen.

Needless to say, I've got a lock on mommy issues in Hollywood.
I acted most recently in HBO's 
Plot Against America.

I've performed in New York theater, film, and TV for over 30 years, and most recently, in Los Angeles.
For over a decade, I've helped
hundreds of people get their
emotional shit together via my
MCBHappier, LLC.

I'm not a coach.

Or a mentor.
Never a guru.

I'm an Awakener.

I Awaken people to their true Selves and untangle them from their motherfucker of an unconscious.
There's more. 
Call. Write.
I'll tell you all my secrets.

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