Hello again!

Michael C. Bryan here.

I can’t have some PR company write this for me so I’m writing this for you. Isn’t that nice? Adds a bit of a personal touch, just like Elle Woods did when she scented her stationary in Legally Blonde. Not that I’ve ever done that. #lying

I’m a bi-coastal performer, writer and coach. I’m not bisexual although I have dipped my toe (insert pun here) into both worlds, but I digress.

Digression is a specialty of mine.

I’m the author of the memoir, Creepy Kid, which is the triumphant true story of surviving and thriving after living through an abusive childhood. I could have been one of those lost kids on the back of a milk carton, but by the grace of God I was eventually found.

Creepy Kid won The Huffington Post’s best memoir of the year contest among other awards. I adapted the memoir into the TV series Woodbridge which recently placed in the Austin Film Festival for October 2018. I’m fucking blown away by this. I also directed, wrote and co-produced a short film based on both the book and TV show.

I’m the author of the annoyingly upbeat self-help ebook How To Get Your Shit Together (which I dedicated to myself). This little book is about how I survived an abusive childhood. If I can be here today, writing to you, filled with this pounding gratitude in my heart, anybody can.

I’m the creator of several original TV series including The Life Coach, Lover’s Leap and the aforementioned Woodbridge. I’ve written plays produced off-Broadway. I’ve written over a dozen teleplays and original feature-film screenplays, among them the award-winning Black Angel, based on the true-life story of novelist Cornell Woolrich who wrote the story Alfred Hitchcock based his movie Rear Window on. I’m also a novelist and essay writer, as well. I write. A lot. I write a lot because writing is cheaper than therapy. And my shrink is really, really tired.

As an actor, I’ve been in dozens of commercials and print ads. My ego loves being a print model after 50, although the amount of money I spend on face cream is downright criminal. #sponsormelamer.

Most recently I was part of a huge tri-state commercial, print and TV campaign. Seeing my photo on the F-train in Manhattan in both English and Spanish was fantastico. In other words, again: I was fucking blown away.

I’ve acted in numerous TV shows, feature films and theatrical productions in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle. Again, cheaper and way more fun than therapy.

In addition I’m also the co-creator, executive producer and Host for a new issues-oriented unscripted TV series where I ambush people on the streets of New York and talk to them about the meaning of their lives. It’s a TV show where I utilize my coaching skills and great hair; it also quenches my insatiable need to be on-camera.

And finally, I’m the Founder of MCBHappier. Creating my coaching company has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. The work has saved me. It’s more fulfilling than having millions of dollars. Okay, let’s not get crazy. Millions of dollars would be nice, so I’m not saying I don’t want millions of dollars. What I am saying is this work is deeply fulfilling, a genuine calling and I’ll also take millions of dollars too. How’s that? #thankyou

If you’ve read thus far I’d love to send you some candy as a thank you. Email me your address.

Seriously, thanks for coming. It truly does mean the world to me.

And here we go.