Hello again!

Michael C. Bryan here.

Is this the first time we’ve met? If so, hi. You look great. You do.

I’m a bi-coastal performer, writer and coach. I’m not bisexual although I have dipped my toe (insert pun here) into both worlds. I tend to fall into the ‘queer as a 3-dollar bill’ category as my mentally ill mother used to say.

She was crazy. Literally insane. I talk a lot about her. That and sex and violence and love and purity and being gay and being straight and gender and sexuality and mental health.


I have conversations with very well-known people we love on podcasts and TV. I have conversations with people on the streets of New York City for TV and internet outlets about the nature of happiness. I talk a lot about my hair. You can touch it if we meet. It’s super soft and silver. It purrs if you’re nice to it.

I write all the time. My crazy mother was a writer. I’m a writer. She was literally crazy, by the way. My life growing up with her is the subject of my award-winning memoir Creepy Kid, which is the triumphant true story of surviving and thriving that crazy-as-fuck abusive childhood.

Creepy Kid won The Huffington Post’s best memoir of the year contest among other awards. I adapted the memoir into the TV series Woodbridge which recently placed in the Austin Film Festival for October 2018.

I’m the creator of several original TV series including The Life Coach, Lover’s Leap and the aforementioned Woodbridge. I’ve written plays produced off-Broadway. I’ve written over a dozen teleplays and original feature-film screenplays, among them the award-winning Black Angel, based on the true-life story of novelist Cornell Woolrich who wrote the story Alfred Hitchcock based his movie Rear Window on. Norman Bates anyone?

I write a lot because writing is cheaper than therapy. And my shrink is really, really tired.

As an actor, I’ve been in dozens of commercials and print ads. Most recently I was part of a huge tri-state commercial, print and TV campaign. Seeing my photo on the F-train in Manhattan in both English and Spanish was fantastico.

I’ve acted in numerous TV shows, feature films and theatrical productions in New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.

I’m the Founder of MCBHappier. I never intended to be a coach. I think the title is silly, but after having been with a shrink for years (he was my mother with a penis in some ways), having a father for a shrink, a sister that’s a shrink and having been in therapy since, oh, 8 it seemed like the natural thing to do. The work is a blessing and beautiful. I’ve been very, very fortune to help hundreds of people at this point and with the new projects hope to help millions more through my performing and writing.

If you’ve read thus far I’d love to send you some candy as a thank you. Email me your address.

Seriously, thanks for coming. It truly does mean the world to me.