Creepy Kid is the name of my memoir. I've had more than a few people say "I can't read this - it's so sad what happened to you" but see, they miss the point.


We all have pain. We all have hurts. But coming out the other side of that is what makes us fabulous!

And baby, I'm out the other side in a big, big way.


This is my award-winning memoir about my childhood growing up under the abusive hand of his mentally ill mother and how I triumphed after years of abuse, life as a child sex worker, and debilitating depression and clinical anxiety.


My story is about everyone’s desire to be who they truly are at all costs and I tried to tell it with humor and grit and genuine uplift.


Click on the fabulous poster above to read the first chapter!

Listen to the first chapter of my book via the podcast "The Old Man and the Me"!

It was a blast to record!

Below is part 1 and 2!


Part 1 is "Wella and Me" and Part 2 is "Creepy Kid Part 2'!

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