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Black Angel

1939. New York City. CORNELL WOOLRICH lives with his stunning, high-society mother in glamorous New York City. Cornell’s a famed short story writer trying to write his first novel – but he can’t.


In years to come, he’ll be world-renown for having written Rear Window, the story Alfred Hitchcock refashioned into one the greatest films of all time. But before that happens, Cornell has some demons to slay.


At the start of the film he and his mother, CLAIRE WOOLRICH, are secretly broke. The clock is ticking. Cornell must write a hit book or they’ll be destitute. His mother has always been his secret weapon. She’s his Muse, his one…his only. She’s determined to guide her son, but Cornell is adamant – he must do this for himself.


Desperate, Cornell searches the city for inspiration – and, as always, the city delivers… but not in the way he expected. Into his life comes a tall dark stranger. A man with wit, style and intelligence to burn. The man’s name is MANNING OWENSTON and soon…he does the unthinkable.


He steals Cornell’s heart -- cracks it open. Cornell is reborn.

But there’s a problem. Cornell is terrified what will happen if anyone finds out about, but most of all – he’s afraid of his mother.


He’s hers and no one – no one – will keep them apart.


Secrets are revealed – tears shed, blood spilled – and prices paid in unthinkable ways. Along the ride in Black Angel is Cornell’s publisher, the cantankerous and scene-chewing ADDISON LEFKOWITZ, and NATHAN POWERS, a man who holds the key to a secret that must stay hidden.

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Lover's Leap

When two identical New York twin brothers, one gay and one straight, are dumped by their lovers for their glaring character flaws, they fall into a deep funk and can’t figure out whom to win their lovers back. When the gay brother steps in to save his brother’s job posing as his straight bro, the duo comes up with a plan: swap places as the other brother to win the loves of their lives back. But is it too late? Or is there time to take the leap?

aerobics_mariana .jpg

Aerobics! The Movie!

'Aerobics! the movie!' is a feature film comedy in the vein of dodgeball meets blades of glory with loads of spandex thrown in for good measure.


set at the 1986 'crystal light aerobics championship for men' the movie is the story of two men competing for the prize of best male aerobicizer of the year.


one guy is from la - sweet, lives for the sun and surf and zero conflict - and the other guy is from brooklyn - tough, tumble and ready for a rumble. backstabbing, bulges, killer music and one heck of a finale,


'aerobics! the movie!' is written by a writer who did win aerobics championships in the 80s. he's got the lowdown in a way you've never read before. let's get tubular! 

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