I had no intention to be a coach. At all.

Zilch. Zero. Nada.

I thought someone who called themselves a coach was full of shit. Why?

My dad was a shrink. My ex-lover is a shrink. My sister is a shrink. My childhood was reading Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud and talking to my dad about Buddhism and quantum physics over dinner and to think there were people out there who had the gall to think they could advise people on life by telling them to just come up with an action plan and be positive offended me. How dare they?

That’s why I decided to coach. To give a loving finger to the people who I still feel, “How dare you? You shouldn’t be doing this work.”

There are about 5% (maybe 10% - maybe) of the people coaching now who truly have a gift to coach and I know after having done it for some time I’m one of them. Boastful? You could say that. Arrogant? Sure. Go ahead. Say it. I’ve heard it before. The truth? Yes and I know it’s the truth because I fought doing this work for years and years and I now do it and it has saved my fucking ass in a way that still takes my breath away because it’s true, real and to me, very, very sacred.

Plus, I was an abused kid, had the shit kicked out of me, was a child sex worker, survived that childhood and now know because of that childhood I am able to do this work, talk about this work and am rather obsessed about going deep every day…and I’m obsessed with my hair. I am. I love my hair. If we meet feel free to touch it. I won’t mind.

Enjoy the links below. While I do individual coaching I didn’t do it as much because the coaching has now brought me projects taht consume my life like performing and writing and podcasts and TV shows and that’s a blessing that I’ve earned and one I pay forward to many others as much as I can. I inspire to live, not the other way around.

Just don’t tell me to be happy or positive without telling me why I can’t because that’s a surface answer and I detest surface answers.

Go deep or go home I say. No irony I am writing this on the way to speed dating event. Maybe I won’t be single much longer. 2019 is the year I check that box off, thank you very much.