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mother's day

Michael C. Bryan here. Author of the tv pilot Mother's Day which is based on my trilogy memoir of the same name. The books were celebrated (mostly by my shrink - he's very tired) -- they won some awards and got me out of a tiny two-decade emotional slump. 


The truth is I survived a joan crawford of a mother and have since learned to channel my endless Oedipal Complex into movies, books and TV shows. I'm rather obsessed with tales of mayhem and mischief and tickled pink when you throw maniacal older women into the mix.  


Mother's Day: The TV Series is six feet under meets running with scissors -- in emotional imax.


As a fan of revisionist storytelling the events are true.. My mother was insane. I was beaten. My father was a psychologist who watched it all happen and did nothing. And I was happy despite the chaos all around me. Funny how the isolated child is the one who awakens.


The names have been changed to protect the guilty. Oh, and the ending is a happy one. Fuck suffering. I've suffered enough; so have you. Time for happy endings.


Here is the pilot for Mother's Day: The TV Series. 


Tv pilot synopsis:


In the small town of Woodbridge, Washington, a young boy discovers he’s gay during a time that doesn’t accept that as part of coming of age. His mentally ill mother warns him that he shouldn’t be “different” for fear he’ll be a social outcast in their 1970s rural hometown of the Pacific Northwest, but Dillion O’Sullivan has different plans.

Wanna read the script? Email Me!



Hi again. Michael C. Bryan here. 


People in Hollywood always ask me, Why are you the only person who could have written a TV pilot about a life coach? 


Because I've been one for over a decade, I tell them.

This fun filled TV show is about the insane world of spirituality in California. This self-appointed Gurus, "Experts"...and in the midst of it all, truly enlightened people. 

TV pilot pitch:


the life coach is a very contemporary half-hour dramedy original TV pilot about what it means to find your true calling and a decent vegan meal.​ When a rebellious and outspoken 45-year old woman is ousted from her father’s esteemed psychiatry department at UCLA for assaulting a colleague, she goes into a spiral of depression and depravity until she decides to enroll in an outrageous spiritual life coaching program as a way to find answers and heal from the death of her mother. Yes, more mothers.

Wanna read the script? Email Me!

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