Isn't that image the epitome of a mothers love?


Makes you feel all gooey inside, doesn't it?

This was my mother when she was possessed by her borderline personality disorder which was her cross to bear. She was played by a genuine vessel in the film, the sublime Gabriele Schafer. Brilliant actress. Truly brilliant.

This is one of the teasers for my memoir, Creepy Kid, and the TV Pilot adaptation I did based on it, Woodbridge.

Woodbridge is the semi-fictional tale (based on my life) about growing up with an abusive and mentally ill mother who tried to hide her mental illness while I desperately tried to hide I was gay in the mid-70s.

It's about a mother and son trying to come to terms with their secret inner truth, living their truth and healing their deep wounds.

A lot of great artists gave their endless time and effort to create this. I hope you enjoy.



This right here is what my editor called the ‘sock in the gut’ teaser.

Don’t worry.

All of these have a happy ending. I can’t write tragic endings anymore. My life has proven happiness comes through suffering.

Thank God.

The music is a cover of John Lennon’s song “Mother” by the great Brooklyn-based group Everest Cale who gave their full permission to use this after seeing the cut. Amazing musicians.

And the kid you see here is Keirnan Urso. What an actor! His family was so balanced and loving throughout. It was inspiring.

Again, a teaser for my memoir and TV Pilot adaptation. Enjoy!




Nobody wants to talk about suicide because, well, it’s super depressing.

But if famous people are killing themselves due to drugs, alcohol and mental illness issues, and 40 million people in America alone suffer from terrible depression, call me crazy (many have) MAYBE it’s time we had a TV show and movies that talk about the reason WHY we’re depressed and HOW TO HEAL.

Movies and TV shows that entertain and inform. We’re ready. We’re craving this material.

This teaser is devoted to nobody you know and to the memory of Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Bordain, Kate Spade and many, many more.



And thar she blows!


Here is the 18-minute film shot as proof of concept for the TV Pilot and literary memoir.

It’s a humdinger and filled with the love and efforts of hundreds.