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When I was a little tyke of, oh, 6 i went with my mother and grandmother to a re-release of the movie The Sound of Music. The year was 1970. My Grandmother leaned over during the movie and said "Bet you wish you had julie Andrews for a mother, huh kiddo?"

Preach, Grandma, Preach.

Mother's Day is my trilogy memoir growing up in a household filled with madness, mayhem and magic. My mother battled borderline personality disorder, my Grandmother was schizophrenic, I was having sex with men (and later, women) starting as a child and my imagination was filled with wonder and the Sound of Music. Always The Sound of Music.

My books won the Simon and Schuster Memoir of the Year and my adaptation won the TV Pilot won the Austin Film Festival. 

If you wanna read a few chapters, shoot me an email. Buckle Up.

Below is the thrilling first chapter from mother's day

read by yours truly

Mother's Day - Part 1
Mother's Day - Part 2

Black Angel: THE NOVEL

It's 1939.  New York City.  Hunched over a desk is Cornell Woolrich, the soon-to-be famous suspense writer of “Rear Window” and “The Bride Wore Black.”  He’s a terribly lonely and isolated man in his 30s desperately trying to write his very first novel, but he can't. Something stands in his way. A horrible desire. A desire so awful he can't reveal it to anyone, especially to his mother - a powerful member of elite New York Society. Without warning, a man enters their lives. He's elegant, charming, sexy... he's irresistible. He swoops into Cornell’s life and seduces him into a world of dangerous possibilities.  It becomes frighteningly apparent that this dark stranger holds the key to Cornell finishing his book and the key to unleashing his terrifying desire.

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