This is my award-winning memoir about my childhood growing up under the abusive hand of his mentally ill mother and how I triumphed after years of abuse, life as a child sex worker, and debilitating depression and clinical anxiety.

My story is about everyone’s desire to be who they truly are at all costs and I tried to tell it with humor and grit and genuine uplift.


Below is the first chapter of my original memoir ¨Creepy Kid¨

Creepy Kid - Part 1
Creepy Kid - Part 2

Black Angel

It's 1939.  New York City.  Hunched over a desk is Cornell Woolrich, the soon-to-be famous suspense writer of “Rear Window” and “The Bride Wore Black.”  He’s a terribly lonely and isolated man in his 30s desperately trying to write his very first novel, but he can't. Something stands in his way. A horrible desire. A desire so awful he can't reveal it to anyone, especially to his mother - a powerful member of elite New York Society. Without warning, a man enters their lives. He's elegant, charming, sexy... he's irresistible. He swoops into Cornell’s life and seduces him into a world of dangerous possibilities.  It becomes frighteningly apparent that this dark stranger holds the key to Cornell finishing his book and the key to unleashing his terrifying desire.