This is the perfect vehicle for Amy Poehler. I literally heard and saw her the entire time I wrote it.


She's never been given her fair shake at a dramedy. I know she has huge hidden talents in addition to her comedic gifts.


I wrote this in response to my life now as a professional life coach. NOTHING is at it appears with the people who help people. Most often, those of us who are the most damaged (i.e, hot messes) are the best at helping those in pain. #shocker




A very contemporary half-hour dramedy original TV pilot about what it means to find your true calling and a decent vegan meal.

When a rebellious and outspoken 45-year old woman is ousted from her father’s esteemed psychiatry department at UCLA for assaulting a colleague, she goes into a spiral of depression and depravity until she decides to enroll in an outrageous spiritual life coaching program as a way to find answers and heal from the death of her mother.


I wrote the semi-fictional TV adaptation of my literary memoir "Creepy Kid" and knew the first person I wanted to see it was Elton John. Now, I knew there was very little chance I'd actually get to him. He's Elton John. That's like getting to the Queen of England which, in all honesty, he is.


During my abusive childhood Elton John's music saved me. I must have sensed he was gay. The outrageous outfits weren't what gave it away. It was his queer soul. His music spoke to me when I was terrified of being gay. His music gave me hope.


I finished the script and in a wonderful turn of events got it to Archie Beck who created the original artwork for the album cover for the album I obsessed over as a boy Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. I asked him if I could use his re-imagined cover for Elton's new tour and he said 'yes.'


I loved writing this script. I feel it came out much better than I ever thought it would. I think the reason was I gave myself absolute permission to tell a new version of my past that freed me in a truly startling way. What they say is true. Tell a new narrative and you have a new life. 

Thanks to Archie and Elton I'm alive and well today. This TV pilot is a testament to the fact that no matter how difficult our childhoods may have been, we can always ind love and happiness in the end. Always.

The pitch:

In the small town of Woodbridge, Washington a young boy discovers he’s gay during a time that doesn’t accept that as part of coming of age. His mentally ill mother warns him that he shouldn’t be “different” for fear he’ll be a social outcast in their 1970s rural hometown of the Pacific Northwest; but Dillion O’Sullivan has different plans.


I remember when I first gave this to a producer. He read it and said "Wow. You must have some wild mother issues."


That was an understatement.


The script was almost made into a feature with the late Jill Clayburgh but funding fell through. I've since rewritten it (February 2020) and the results are, well, devilishly.


It's a sexy, funny and tawdry story. When it comes to dysfunctional mother and sons on screen, few have anything on me. Lived it so I write it. This one is for you, Ms. Lange.

The pitch:

It's 1939.  New York City.  Hunched over a desk is Cornell Woolrich, the soon-to-be famous suspense writer of “Rear Window” and “The Bride Wore Black.”  He’s a terribly lonely and isolated man in his 30s desperately trying to write his very first novel, but he can't. Something stands in his way. A horrible desire. A desire so awful he can't reveal it to anyone, especially to his mother - a powerful member of elite New York Society.  Without warning, a man enters their lives. He's elegant, charming, sexy... he's irresistible. He swoops into Cornell’s life and seduces him into a world of dangerous possibilities.  It becomes frighteningly apparent that this dark stranger holds the key to Cornell finishing his book and the key to unleashing his terrifying desire.


When two identical New York twin brothers, one gay and one straight, are dumped by their lovers for their glaring character flaws, they fall into a deep funk and can’t figure out whom to win their lovers back. When the gay brother steps in to save his brother’s job posing as his straight bro, the duo comes up with a plan: swap places as the other brother to win the loves of their lives back. But is it too late? Or is there time to take the leap?

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