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I always joke I came out of my mothers vagina talking. "Cold room! Nice to meet you folks. What do ya say we start with one of my favorites? Anyone know Baby, It's Cold Outside? The non-misogynist version? Hit it!"


I don't know why I didn't start up my own podcast years ago. But for some reason I never got the appeal. Well. The Universe had quite a bit in store for me because in the past year I've not only created my own much-loved podcast and about to go into season 2, but I've got three more in the pipeline and I've been a guest on over 15 podcasts in the latter part of 2019 leading into 2020 and I've hosted live podcasts for Broadway and TV and film as well as...see? I never stop talking.


My first podcast was with the infamous writer and director Paul Schrader. He’s brilliant, kind and very generous. Since that conversation, I’ve co-created and co-hosted a podcast about getting emotionally stripped naked, talked with single dads about the hell and glory of being single parent, recorded my book and continue to talk on podcasts galore. I never shut up. I do try. I really do. Doesn’t always work. See? I can’t even stop typing. #StoppingNow


The Podcast

I met Jennifer Ho, my co-host and co-creator of Stripped The Podcast when I met the aforementioned Paul Schrader. It was gay man/straight girl love from moment one. Literally.


Stripped The Podcast is our labor of kiki love.


And here is the pitch:


Michael C. Bryan and Jennifer Ho are two wild and crazy professional coaches/podcast hosts who are here to loudly remind you that the emotional shit you try to hide is the gold of your life. And they know what they’re talking about.


Both have been through all forms of career changes, relationship challenges and endless mental health crap. By fearlessly going ‘there’ Michael and Jennifer are changing the mindset, normalizing the conversation and eliminating the stigma around mental health.


What secret lie are you living that you’re scared to talk about? What shame do you have? What is your anxiety for the future? Jen and Michael are about creating a captivating community; a safe place to share your worries. A place of no judgment and no shame.


They also love to swear. #NoLie




I first met Paul Schrader when I was 12-years-old. My mother and father had taken me to a double bill of Lenny by Bob Fosse and Taxi Driver by Paul Schrader. The movie shook me to my core. At the time I had many dark secrets, the least of which I was living out the life the character Jodie Foster was in the movie.

She was a teenage prostitute, and so was I. My parents had no idea. I spent many, many years processing that time in my life, and today I see it as the building blocks for why Paul and his body of work are so deeply meaningful to me. His work isn’t disturbing; it’s profane.


From his work with Scorsese to his own life directing numerous films, Paul is a rare bird indeed: independent, voracious and at the end of all days a deeply kind, compassionate and loving person. I think there is a perception of Paul due to his work that misses out on the totality of him. It was a true joy speaking with him. I hope you enjoy the conversation.

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I met Adrianne LaValley after she told me she had seen my unscripted TV show talking to people about mental health disorders. She told me she wanted to talk to me about my life and perhaps have me read from my memoir on her podcast. After a few meetings I agreed. I couldn’t say no. Adrianne is an artist of tremendous integrity and seriousness in helping to eradicate the shame about mental illness in an artistic way that’s both inspired and new. Part one of my book reading was released in December 2019 and part 2 is coming in early 2020.

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Morpheus. Yoda. Michael C. Bryan. While there's no fantasy or sci-fi film about this episode's guest (yet!) you'll enjoy the twists and turns of his story and his transformative approach to life and life coaching.

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