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While I can say with all honesty the only thing I ever thought I wanted as a kid was to be in the movies, the truth is onstage, live, is where I get high. It’s my crack. There is truly nothing more I want than a microphone, some tight pants, a bit ‘o caffeine in my veins and the thrill of challenging the energy of others in a room to celebrate being alive. I do stand-up, storytelling as well as inspirational talks and all sorts of performances pieces. Some of them are taped for all of prosperity, some are best never taped and you’ll never see those until I am in the movies and then they are uploaded to YouTube and I’ll be so fucking embarrassed. Until then, this bit on here will have to do. More clips coming soon.


Nobody wants to talk about suicide because, well, it’s super depressing


But if famous people are killing themselves due to drugs, alcohol and mental illness issues, and 40 million people in America alone suffer from terrible depression, call me crazy (many have) MAYBE it’s time we had a TV show and movies that talk about the reason WHY we’re depressed and HOW TO HEAL.

Movies and TV shows that entertain and inform. We’re ready. We’re craving this material.

This teaser is devoted to nobody you know and to the memory of Robin Williams, Marilyn Monroe, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade and many, many more.


WOODBRIDGE is the fictional adaptation of my true life story based on my award-winning memoir.

it's the true story about my living with an abusive and mentally ill mother who tried to hide her mental illness and while I desperately tried to hide I was gay in the mid-70s.

WOODBRIDGE is about a mother and son trying to come to terms with their secret inner truth, living their truth and healing their deep wounds.

I'm the creator of the pilot as well as the series and accompanying the bible.