Below is an unscripted TV show I created as well as a fictional version of my true life story all about bringing the fun back into crazy.

The first is an unscripted where I make mental health FUN (yes, fun) and the second is a fictional movie I wrote, produced and directed based on my true life memoir CREEPY KID.



with Michael C. Bryan

The story-behind-the-story of Out & About isn't so secret.

I was an abused kid.

I was kicked out at 14 when my parents found out I was gay.

I was homeless.

To survive I turned to prostitution.

Think Disney might my life story a movie?

Flash-forward to today.

After decades of suffering from depression and anxiety I've come out the other side.


I finally realized the reason I had such a crazy start was so I could help others make sense of their pain and do so in a funny and humorous way.


What better way to do that than in an unscripted TV show designed to reach millions?


I've poured my life's work (and savings) into this project because it what I am meant to do. It's my calling.


Here is the sizzle for the show I produced and star in. It's now out & about with lots of people as I look for the home for the show.



The TV series based on the literary memoir "Creepy Kid"

WOODBRIDGE is the fictional adaptation of my true life story based on my award-winning memoir.

it's the true story about my living with an abusive and mentally ill mother who tried to hide her mental illness and while I desperately tried to hide I was gay in the mid-70s.

WOODBRIDGE is about a mother and son trying to come to terms with their secret inner truth, living their truth and healing their deep wounds.

I'm the creator of the pilot as well as the series and accompanying the bible.

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