Welcome to my memoir Creepy Kid, the TV Pilot I wrote based on my memoir, Woodbridge and the teasers.

Creepy Kid placed in a nationwide contest for Best Original Memoir with Huffington Post/Simon and Schuster and is available for publication.

Woodbridge placed with the International Screenwriters Association/The Austin Film Festival in October of 2018 and is available for option.

These works are based on my true life story about how I survived a violent, abusive and childhood with my humor and hair intact.

Thanks for taking the time to view my website and materials. You’ll never know how much it means to me.

Cue Barry Manilow.

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The memoir

Creepy Kid is author Michael C. Bryan’s true-life award-winning memoir about his childhood growing up under the abusive hand of his mentally ill mother and how he triumphed after years of abuse, life as a child sex worker, and debilitating depression and clinical anxiety. Happy and healed today, Michael’s story is about everyone’s desire to be who they truly are at all costs and is told with humor and grit and genuine uplift.


the tv show

Image used with permission from the original artist, Mr. Ian Beck.

Image used with permission from the original artist, Mr. Ian Beck.

In the small town of Woodbridge, Washington a young boy discovers he’s gay in the 70s when homosexuality is taboo. His mentally ill mother warns him that he shouldn’t be “different,” or else he’ll be a social outcast like Elton John walking down the yellow brick road.


the movie

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Woodbridge is author Michael C. Bryan’s proof of concept movie based upon his memoir Creepy Kid.