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The Technique

When I was eleven, my father pulled a book from his bookshelf and handed it to me. He said, “Give this a read. It’s a lot of fun.” I put the book in my bag and got on the school bus. I looked around at all the other kids reading Spiderman comic books and playing games. I glanced at the book: "Sigmund Freud’s Interpretation of Dreams." My dad was a family therapist. My mother was mentally ill. My grandmother was schizophrenic. I was abused my entire childhood. Welcome to my earlier life in a nutshell. Today I'm thriving. What that childhood did was gift me with the ability to see struggle as not only worthwhile, but essential to our 'happiness.' All of us are broken to some degree. None of us 'heal' -- we simply get a handle on our emotions and live more present and engaged. We become.

The Process

The Process IS the good part, even though we all want the answers and the manifestatons NOW. I meet a lot of people who are having A Moment. Either a marriage failing, or a very public issue, or a deep emotional crisis. I'm not a therapist. I won't stare at you and wait for YOU to come up with the answers. I'll give the answers to you with no filter. Direct, blunt and loving is my style. Broken lives never fully heal and they're not meant to. Pain is meant to teach us huge lessons in life. We're meant to take the invaluable lesson from our pain and implement them into our lives. That's what I help people do. Recover from dark times, create a new life and thrive.

Who This Is For

This work is for people who are open to living their lives in a new and radical way. Committing to understanding who we are is our only true goal. It’s ever-evolving. Anyone who thinks they know who they are is not the right person for this work since there is no endpoint. Integration is a life-long process for all the right reasons. The moment we touch down into the emotional awareness of knowing/not knowing who we are, our actions, and how we communicate and move about in the world, more often than not, follow suit. We will backslide and blame the world and people for how we feel. We’ll throw temper tantrums. We'll be nasty, cold, and calculated. That’s part of being human. This work is about training ourselves to return to stasis, see the illusion of the ego as us, and reconnect the best we can to our true Selves. This work is not for people who think they have it all figured out. That’s ego talking. I’m very clear and direct. I’m not a therapist or a life coach. They’re fantastic models, but I’m unique and radical. I know how the coaching models work and what the idea of mindset means, but this work is more holistic and visceral-emotional. I don’t hold back. I say it, and whether others' egos will listen or not is up to the person. I’m compassionate and kind, and I’m also here to remind you that your time is limited and that each moment matters. Are you fully living or wasting away? It’s always fascinating to see how it all plays out.

Broken is the
new normal

Being fucking
thankful NOW 

The million
dollar answer

Minute Clinic

Mantra Rewrite

60 second Minute Clinic...just for you!

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Jackie Thomas 
Founder, Elite Explorer

I had the privilege of participating in Michael's executive mentoring program, and the experience was nothing short of transformative. From our very first meeting, it was evident that Michael possesses an exceptional ability to understand what makes individuals "tick,” how they think and act in the world, and how to be more authentic and effective. He’s unparalleled as a writer and communications expert. His technique isn’t theoretical; he’s worked in the trenches and speaks from decades of direct experience. My mentoring relationship with him has been among the most influential of my career to date and has also led to a fundamental (and deeply positive) change after years of feeling so stagnant. I tried it all. Therapy, spiritual work, psychological study – Michael blasted through all of that, and my healing was seismic and fast. Working with him is a fantastic and worthwhile investment! His insights, shared right from the outset, have not only remained ingrained in my mind but have also had a profoundly positive impact on my professional and personal journey. His curated methodology fostered an engaging and highly constructive dialogue, which, in turn, played a pivotal role in inspiring me to establish my own business. Our weekly sessions, over the course of a year, were a cornerstone of my rapid growth. He can constantly change the lenses and channels to mentor you to new levels of superior leadership by providing guidance, support, and meaningful input. Michael's executive program goes beyond conventional mentorship. I wholeheartedly recommend his program to anyone seeking a transformative and impactful professional development experience unlike any other. He’s truly one of a kind.

Colorful Lights

These books can change your life.


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"Working with Michael was like taking a boot camp for the soul."

Lisa West

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Embarking on a journey of professional refinement, MCB stands out as an extraordinary coach and confidant—an adept architect of personal transformation. His unique prowess lies in unlocking the genuine brilliance within, seamlessly merging profound intuition with the precision needed to enhance both spoken and written expression. MCB unravels hidden blocks, providing a strategic roadmap for personal discovery and evolution. With the finesse of a virtuoso, MCB’s wisdom transcends mere words, creating a narrative where authenticity and profound change entwine effortlessly. Executives seeking a grounded and deeply pragmatic journey toward self-discovery and professional growth need look no further.

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