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Here is your answer!


We don’t!

That’s your big takeaway.

I know, huge insight, right? Well, it is! And it’s not from me.

It’s from YOU and ME.

It’s from me having talked to so many people (meaning: you) and us kvetching and bitching and moaning and gasping for breath saying to each other, “I’m buried deep, baby! Deep! How do I get out?”

You don’t. You give in. You surrender!

What I’ve learned collaborating with so many is it’s not about all these precious techniques self-help people fucking LOVE: “Breathe!” and “Find your balance!” and “Do better!”

It’s me coming at you saying the very thing I know you know, but here we go:


You and I are already everything we’re trying so hard to be. I say this all the time. For you, and for me! We’re doing just fine, we have a handle on this and we do know what we’re doing.

What I’ve learned is when we feel overwhelmed we’re not riding the energy of the wind in our hair, the trains whipping past, the deals happening, the phone calls and the texts and the emails and and and!

When I’ve got to email and text and write this newsletter and talk to new clients and book venues for the new events and talk to bankers and get in an Uber and go to an event and manage the endless fucking shit in my life I listen to this video that has nearly 2 million views:

You laugh, but I’m telling you – you listen to this damn thing and you’ll UNLEASH THE BEAST.

Don’t tame the beast. UNLEASH IT.

The big problem with this stupid and silly world of self-help is it’s so fucking careful.

Don’t say this, don’t do that, don’t buy this, don’t don’t don’t.

Know what I say for all of us?

DO! Do let yourself get on that fucking horse and ride it for all you’ve got. No, I’m not snorting cocaine in my West Hollywood home writing this. I’m right here with you on this breakneck train racing down the hill to the town far below that we have to reach before sundown.

Dramatic? Over-the-top? Bigger-than-life?

Do you not know me?

The craziest thing I’ve been taught talking with people like you reading this: when we try to control and manage the energy of the locomotive we’re on is when it crashes and burns and we get OVERWHELMED.

When we stop resisting how fast our life is going is when we blast off and ride into the sunset.

Yes, breathe.

Yes, don’t listen to your mind.

Yes, be_here_right_fucking_now.

You’ve heard it all before from me and all the other self-proclaimed gurus who are often as messy as us…they just don’t like to show it. #Whatever

I’m a speed junky. I am. I love speed, I love going fast, l love the thrill of the chase. I love it. So do you. We all do.

But we don’t enjoy it and we suffer from whiplash when we try to control it and don’t (here it comes) surrender to it.

Surrender to the momentum of your unreal life and let it take you along. If you do that, you’ll know what to do in a split second. What to say, how to say it, and you won’t be so damn careful so you don’t upset this person, aren’t what this person (your mind thinks) you need to be to keep your job, what (your mind thinks) you need to say or do with the lawyers and the producers and the clients and the bankers and the entire fucking world which is always breathing down your neck to do what they want you to do.

Have you clicked on the link above yet?

Stop doing what your mind tells you others want you to do.


Do what you know to do when you surrender to the speed of the momentum of a very, very busy and productive life.

And away we all go!

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